Thursday, October 14, 2010

Research Paper Free Write

                 I love watching most of different kind of movies expect horror well anything scary. I'm a huge chicken. I definietly love movies with happy endings! Like romantic movies and my favorite movie is "a walk to remember" it may not a happy ending because mandy moore died, but it was moving and it gives the idea that love is precious and cherish the people in your life. my favorite shows right now is gossip girl and 90210. drama!!! lol i dont like drama but tv drama is fun. i also like modern family. its funny.
Sports, well i am not very active. But i like watching football. Go Bears. yay.
                What i talk about with my friends, is family issues. and how their job sucks. and they do so much and get paid so little. well thats just life i guess. well my friends just like to complain.
         What i'm most interested in is what i'm going to do with the rest of my life. i've bouced for idea to idea. first i wanted to be a businesswoman, then a photographer, then a english teacher for kids, but i honest dont know. and its super exhausting.

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Blog #1

               I honestly found the reading of the first pages of the “They Say, I Say” book to be boring and sort of dull. I get reading the instructions to know how to write a paper but those were a lot of pages. I did though; get useful information about how to quote what people said. I could do in the past, I just did not know how to start it without being so repetitive on the phrase, “he/she said”. Also many of the templates examples are very helpful especially now that I am writing all these summaries and papers. I completely suck at using transitions words or how to start a paragraph so I can catch the reader’s attention and all that good stuff, this stuff actually does me some good.
I already knew that there had to be an explanation for the reasons you put in a paper, but never had I seen them been discussed so thoroughly before. I was just getting overwhelmed reading about all that. Writing is probably my weakness in English so this book is probably going to be my best friend at the end of this semester. I already know how to read so I do not have to worry about that. Man the “They Say/I Say” book maybe small but it sure does have a whole lot to say. Wow. I especially love the cartoons in the book when they come up. Overall, it was boring, but very resourceful. See, I used a transition!